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It's all go here. First my microfilter (splitter) doesn't work, so I can call people while being on the internet (people can call me, though) so I need to research to work out where get a new one at a decent price.

Then I went to Tescos this evening and the car stalled constantly. When I phoned dad he said he had that as an intermittent problem when it rained and he found the solution was to press the brake and the accelerator at the same time. And no-one could work out what the problem was. I'm having enough issues getting to grips with the choke and the actual driving, without this as well. So tomorrow I'm going to be calling a friend of mine's dad, who's a mechanic, see if he can help.

Is it the Christmas holidays yet?

My Tesco value DVD player arrived today, and it seems to work ok. It's not as nice as my old one but since my old one seems to be going, at least this one works. And I do have two on my computer as well. I finished off Fourth Doctor and Leela story Robots of Death, which I really enjoyed. I want to see more of Leela, although I now seem to have done all her stories on DVD. I was quite surprised to see Brian Croucher in it. I already knew it was written by Chris Boucher, so I was looking forward to it.

Edit: The minute I posted this dad found a microfilter on amazon. Oh, what an excuse to buy some books.