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Lovefilm are really annoying me now. I got sent a thing for a 3 month free trial, so I'm working my way through Press Gang with them. At least, that's the theory. You have to have at least 10 titles on your list and you can rate them at high, medium or low priority. So I bunged all the Press Gang on at high priority and some other stuff at low. The first two discs they sent were series 1 disk 1 and series 4. So I watch the first seven episodes and sent it back. So they sent series 3. So I sent them both back and am about to get series 2 disk 1 and Doctor Who: The Invasion disk 1. Which I'd quite like to see but the question is, would they ever send me disk 2? So I'll keep sending them discs back, until eventually, I get the next one. Could take the whole three months at this rate.

Amazon are much better though. I just got Dark Season through them and it's interesting, yet weird so far. And currently no sign of Jacqueline Pearce, who I noticed was in it. I completely failed to notice that Kate Winslett was higher up the cast list...

I had a TV watching night tonight. There was The Avengers, which I haven't seen for a while. I'd forgotten how good it is. There was a fair bit of Emma Peel running round a house, trying to work out what's going, with nothing to tell you how she feels about it except for Diana Rigg's acting. Which was fabulous. And Steed rides to her rescue, only to discover she's done it on her own 🙂

There was also Stargate, suitably loud. It's a tradition. And there was Colin & Justin, which wasn't as funny as usual, but they obviously still have no idea what the word 'budget' means. I failed to notice Mock the Week was back, but since it's repeated on Saturday, I'll tape the repeat instead.

Then I saw the first episode of Murder in Suburbia. Which was quite weird because I didn't start watching until series 2 (are they ever going to do any more?) when it was well established that Ash fancied their boss (who I'm sure has a name), it was just a question of whether he fancied her back. And whether she'd ever stop embarrassing herself over him. The murder stuff was interesting as well. I do like my cop shows.