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I wrote a fic for the sarahjane_fic Valentine's Day drabbleathon (except for the part where I wrote 500 words, I don't know where my ability to write short has gone): Unromantic.

I seem to be dealing with stupid people at work. Someone in my department is leaving soon, so needs replacing. They interviewed someone the other week, thought she was good but had someone else who also looked good. Turns out he was crap and the others they've looked at since are also crap. So they were desperately flailing about looking for someone despite the fact they had someone. Who I think they might now be employing maybe, assuming she hasn't found something else in the time they've spent pissing about.

And then I've spent most of the week playing about with data we've had from an agency through another agency. We did a project with them a year ago that it took me a week to sort out, mostly because I had flu so was only doing half days and pretending I wasn't in. This time, despite the fact they've done it before, they've managed to cock it up even more. And we get to do this four more times over the next year. Am so looking forward to that.

I watched the first episode of series 5 of Press Gang tonight, and Natalie Roles has changed so much in such a short space of time! Her voice was the same, only not so nasty as Debbie MacAllister, of course, but she looked so much younger and had short hair. I didn't recognise her till she had a fair bit to say.

Dad's discovered RSS Bandit can do things with comment feeds, so I'm off to investigate that, and maybe get round to adding some people.