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London and SJA

I went to London today. I thought I'd go to the big Tescos with the big Free From section at Earls Court. I walked out of the tube station at the main (TARDIS) entrance and then realised I hadn't been for a while and didn't quite remember where it was. So I took a guess and realised a bit further down the road how lost I get in London with a map and directions. Eventually I looked at the map and worked out a route to get there. After I'd walked a lot further than it looked like I should I looked at the map again and realised I still wasn't on the right route and in fact not only had I turned the wrong way out of the station but I had also gone out the wrong exit.

Eventually I got there, approaching it from an entirely different direction, only to find they've moved everything around. They also labelled their red grapefruit as pink and they didn't have chocolate buttons. However I passed a Holland and Barrett in my getting lost and went in just in case. They had three packets - I now have two left. Hopefully, some local Holland and Barretts will have some. But now I've had a packet I feel better. I just need Harry to shut up about the chocolate buttons and talk about Ruth instead. Or smarties, I have some packets of those.

I got the bus back to the tube station after that, and made my way to the British Museum. I'm gradually working my way through London's museums. This was one that was very badly signposted and I only found it because I thought the road with coaches parked on it was suspicious. I had a wander round all the ordinary boring museum stuff and thought it wasn't going to take me long to get round. Until I found the ground floor (I came in on floor -1, which was very confusing). They had a big room of massive statues and gates etc from the Egyptians and some other eras I can't remember. But they were all really impressive. And then I found a massive marble structure in another room. And then I found the Parthenon. I ended up spending two hours in there.

And then I got lost in the museum trying to find the cloakroom. It was a very confusing layout. I decided to go out the main entrance, on the basis that lots of other people were, and by following them I found Tottenham Court Road station. I went into the Sainsburys there on the off-chance and mixed in with their red grapefruit with a pink sticker on, were some that looked as if they might be pink. So fingers crossed for when I cut one open tomorrow morning.

I was home in time to watch SJA: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? For which there will now be spoilers if you're not up to date with the CBBC episodes.

I wasn't sure about it from what I'd heard, on the basis that there wasn't going to be a lot of Sarah in it. But before I watched dad told me he and mum liked it (since they watch it live once a fortnight), so I knew I would.

Although I was so afraid that they were going to reset everything so that Alan wouldn't remember, especially when he was running from the Graske. Which was quite funny. But I like that he now knows, especially when he was so good at saving the world. It'll be interesting to see how much he helps next story.

It was in the trailer for this, but I still really disliked how Sarah said Maria was the one she trusted most. I can believe it, but only with qualifiers for Harry (not around) and Luke (who might not quite understand). It just seemed like they did it purely for the story.

I wonder if they cast the older actress for Andrea on the basis that she looks a bit like Sarah. The younger version didn't. I didn't like her - I know that was the idea, but I just never found her sympathetic at all, not even at the end. She was just annoying, which didn't help. I didn't even like Sarah in this - all the 'I'll never leave you' crap was just so overdone. Any more of it and I'd have needed a sick bucket.

It was interesting, how Chrissie and Andrea were making comments about Alan/Andrea. It makes me wonder if they did it on purpose to highlight how there's no Alan/Sarah at all.

I am looking forward to the next one, even if it is the last.