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An update on everything

I keep feeling like I haven't written in here much because I've just been so busy. So, an update, with headings in place of LJ-cuts, because on WP once you cut you can't come back (not without a plugin anyway).

When I say I've been busy, I was out two nights last week at Rotaract things (pancakes and bowling), but Wednesday and Friday I had so many things to do I don't feel like I've been in. Next week the only night I'm in is Thursday, and then I'll have Ashes to Ashes and two episodes of Torchwood to watch. Although in all fairness, the only place I'm going Monday night is Tescos, which is ten minutes away, but I go with someone else who lives ten minute in the opposite direction. It makes sense, really it does.

I have actually been putting stuff in my Google Calendar although I have some things in there that I know are going on, but I'm not yet definitely going to, and some things not in there that I know are going on and I will be going, it's just not yet organised yet. It makes sense if you're me. March is looking a bit busy...

Quite a bit of my time has been taken up with writing my TARDIS Big Bang fic, but I do now have the first draft done! With a month and a bit to spare as well. I only have 18,600 words, which includes the plot notes, but all I've really written so far is the plot, and a lot of conversations in there have nothing else but conversation and the odd she said and he said, so I think it's safe to say it'll be over 20,000 when it's done. I just have to get it done (and betaed) by the end of May now.

I did have a plan to go back to writing LOTR for Back to Middle-earth Month in March, but the Big Bang thing is going to take quite a long time, I think and I just signed up for the Ian/Barbara ficathon, so I have an alternative plan for B2MEM.

RPing goes on as normal because that never takes up that much time (well, except for Harry and Sarah's RP which also involves rather a lot of mostly-accidental plot). As of a few weeks ago, I play Jo at which I'm quite enjoying so far. I am just excited about some of the characters in there. I keep thinking of other characters I want to play there, which is a bad thing, but I need to work out what I'm doing with this one first.

Other life-related stuff That for some reason I felt didn't come under the other heading...
Ages ago (well three months ago) I signed up with Sofa Cinema. Handily, as I've moved and changed my credit card number, I can now work through all the DVD rental free trials again. The reason for using Sofa Cinema is they promised a few portable DVD player, which I now have. So now I have five DVDs players in the house. It'll go up to six when I buy a new computer. I can't quite cancel them yet, though, because they've just sent me The Bill series 1, which Amazon claimed I couldn't have.

Doctor Who-related stuff
I went to see Spamalot yesterday. With Peter Davison as King Arthur and the same actress played the Lady of the Lake as played her when I saw it on Broadway! Having seen quite a bit of early All Creatures Great and Small recently, it's amazing how much Peter Davison's voice hasn't changed. We were lucky to see him too, as he's only on till 2nd March - when I booked I hadn't expected him to still be doing it at all.

Friday I'm going to see John Barrowman in Borders, which could be interesting. If by interesting you mean involve long queues. But I'm going with a friend, so hopefully it shouldn't be too bad. And we certainly won't be short of things to read.