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I just watched Armstrong and Miller on Jonathan Ross from last night and it's back on 16th October. So there'll be a double dose of Alexander Armstrong on Friday nights and a lot less chance of me not laughing at Mr Smith in SJA.

Rather than talk about how crap I feel today after the fun I had yesterday at work, I thought I'd talk about what DVDs I want to buy. I have trouble with buying DVDs because I constantly tell myself I can't afford them and spend all my money on books instead. Which isn't a bad thing in itself, but does mean that I the list of DVDs I want constantly gets bigger. So six months ago I decided I was allowed to spend up to £10 a month on DVDs. Consequently I now have Red Dwarf I-VI, Doctor Who: The Green Death, The Princess Bride and Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix. And have spent October's budget...

But still, here's what else is on my list:

Red Dwarf VII, VIII, Back to Earth and the Remastereds for the extras, obviously, not for the episodes. Actually, come to think of it, that pretty much applies to that whole list, not just the Remastereds.

Quantum Leap because I still haven't seen all of it. I sort of had this strange idea that because I hadn't seen it all it wasn't over. Trouble is, it's been so long now that I can't remember which ones I've seen and which I haven't (although I've definitely seen all of series 1, 5 and all but one or episodes of series 4). So if I buy the DVDs, perhaps I'll sit down and watch them all. Plus they never all came out on video, so I have some random ones bought and taped off the telly and it's so good I do want to watch it again sometime.

Spooks. I have series 1, by accident. But I've forgotten so much of what went before I'd quite like to watch them all again from the beginning.

Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister. Another series where I can't remember which episodes I've seen and which I haven't. Except whichever ones I catch on BBC7 are always ones I've seen.

The Thick of It/In the Loop because they're just so funny.

Press Gang because it was great. I would have loved it if I'd watched it when it was on telly, but it was on ITV and I didn't watch ITV because I didn't like the idea of adverts in the middle of programmes I wanted to watch. Nothing's changed there really, except having a PVR means just started watching stuff a bit later and finishing at the same time.

Blakes 7 is another series where I have some random episodes on video. And I've only seen series 4 once, which might not be a bad thing per se, but does mean I've only seen Blake once. But I do think about it every Christmas.

Clueless because it's great, it's classic and I only have it on video.

Doctor Who DVDs: The Beginning, The Keys of Marinus, Robots of Death, The Aztecs, Black Orchid, Carnival of Monsters because those are the good ones that I would watch again and don't have.

The Bill. I've lost track of how much is out now, but I've seen the first two series, and I'll see the rest once I change from Lovefilm to Blockbuster, but the old 80s episodes are so great. Well, the hour long ones anyway, I've never seen any of the half hour long ones because I only started watching it in the 90s.

Ashes to Ashes. I'm waiting for them to bring out a box set of all three series, as I have the Life on Mars box set.

Farscape because I have a mixture of some of it on DVD and some on video and it's all a mess and I want it on DVD.

I think that'll keep me going for a few years yet...