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Big Finish CDs going free

About six months ago I decided to get a subscription to the Big Finish main Doctor Who releases. But the only CDs I want to keep are the Seventh Doctor and Ace ones. I have promise the Fifth Doctor ones to [ljuser]hhertzof[/ljuser], which means the next six releases are all accounted for. But I now have six CDs sitting around taking up space that need a good home. All I ask in return is that you pay the postage.

So does anyone want any of the recent Eighth Doctor and Mary Shelley or Sixth Doctor and Flip trilogies? I enjoyed them all, although I discovered the best way to listen was while assembling bookcases. Until I ran out of bookcases to assemble. The CDs are:

The Silver Turk
The Witch from the Well
Army of Death

The Curse of Davros
The Fourth Wall
Wirrn Isle