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AU Big Bang betaing

My [ljcomm]au-bigbang[/ljcomm] is all done! Well, I have managed to get 90 words over the minimum word count of 15,000 and [ljuser]hhertzof[/ljuser] has betaed it and corrected my random use of commas and some other things. But I need one or two other people to have a look through it to check it makes sense.

It is an Doctor Who AU starting at the end of The Chase, with Ian and Barbara finding themselves back in London on the day they left. So it probably helps to have seen The Chase, or at least know why that makes it an AU. But I ideally need someone who hasn't seen Remembrance of the Daleks (a Seven and Ace story) or has seen it but doesn't remember any of it. And also someone who remembers it well. If such people exist. Posting is in August, so there's plenty of time yet.

It is also one of the few stories without an artist 🙁 So if you fancy getting to read it early without having to tell me if it makes sense (although I won't stop you if you want to do that) and you can make art, there's a claims post, which links you to the sign up post (you have to sign up before you can claim) and it also links to the FAQ. The FAQ says that you have to two two pieces of art, one of which can be an icon. It would be nice to have some art for it if anyone fancies it. Their final draft deadline is 5th August, but it doesn't have to be final until it's posted, sometime in August.