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2017 fic roundup

Summary: This seems to be the year of writing in new fandoms.

(Here is last year's)


List of Completed Fics:
The Librarians: Dismantle the Sun
The Librarians: The Mystery of the Missing Horses
The Librarians/Doctor Who: Doctor, Doctor (Doctor, Doctor)
The Librarians: Conversation with Cal
Doctor Who/SJA: But First, Aliens
Doctor Who: Chocolate Cake, a Cardigan and a Coat
Star Trek TNG: Sand Sacrifice
Doctor Who: The Trip of a Lifetime
Spooks: The Better Bad
Spooks: Undercover Relationship
The Librarians: Unexpected Future
Doctor Who: Very Right
Star Trek TNG: Leading Lady
The Last Leg: Bromance, Showmance
Doctor Who: The Love of an Enemy
Blake's 7: Night of the Undead Science Project
Harry Potter: Coming Out (The Non-Binary Remix)
The Last Leg: Telling Mum
Doctor Who/SJA: Military Interference
Star Trek Enterprise: Bed of Roses
Star Trek Enterprise: Ghost in the Bathroom
Star Trek Enterprise: Memories of Home
Doctor Who/SJA: The Time Lady and the Lamp
Victoria: A Last Supper
SJA: Bloomin' Aliens
Carry On: Love Me, Love Me Not
Taskmaster: Hidden Clues

Total number: 27
Total word count: 36,941
Ship/fandom/character breakdown:

Gen: 12
Het: 6
Slash: 5
Femslash: 4

Doctor Who: 8
The Librarians: 5
SJA: 4
Star Trek Enterprise: 3
Spooks: 2
Star Trek TNG: 2
The Last Leg: 2
Blake's 7: 1
Carry On: 1
Harry Potter: 1
Taskmaster: 1
Victoria: 1

Characters who appear in more than two fics (because there were quite a lot who were in two):
Flynn Carsen: 4
Sarah Jane Smith: 3
Cassandra Cillian: 3
Missy: 3

Compared to last year I wrote 11 more fics and about 14,000 more words! A whole lot of Doctor Who and The Librarians. That it's mostly gen surprises no one.

General questions:

Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?
More! I had writer's block last year, which was broken by Yuletide, so then I signed up for a load of exchanges early in the year, so got a lot of writing done. Then was stopped by summer/too many exchanges.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted last year?
I definitely wouldn't have predicted writing any Carry On fic because I hadn't heard of it before this summer.

What's your favourite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
The first TNG fic I wrote, Sand Sacrifice. I enjoyed writing in the fandom, and doing the research, and I enjoyed plotting it out.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
Coming Out (The Non-Binary Remix) because it's Sirius/Remus and it's Harry Potter and it's a big fandom.

Story most underappreciated by the universe?
The Better Bad, which was quite literally only appreciated by lost_spook. If I'd got it finished when I first started writing it, not long after the Spooks film came out, I suspect people would have been more interested.

Story that could have been better?
If I can't say all of them, then maybe the shorter ones, because I feel like I could have done more with them.

Sexiest story?
My Missy/Master fic, Very Right which has actual sex in it, albeit not explicitly stated.

Saddest story?
It's surprisingly hard to pick just one. I think maybe Bed of Roses, since it's Trip and T'Pol trying to deal with losing baby Elizabeth.

Most fun?
Chocolate Cake, a Cardigan and a Coat. Because cake!fic is not entirely serious to begin with, and it turns out that writing Sixie being generally over-confident is fun.

Story with single sweetest moment?
I think it's less the moment and more the fic: Bed of Roses which is a sweet moment between Trip and T'Pol, if a moment can be defined as a 555 word fic.

Hardest story to write?
Night of the Undead Science Project. I think mainly because I was struggling to find a way for Tarrant to be unexpectedly heroic and struggling to work out what to have instead of zombies.

Easiest/most fun story to write?
A Last Supper. So angsty. So much fun to write. (Looking back, I wrote quite a bit of angst this year) Also pretty much the opposite of everything in the Victoria fandom for Alfred/Drummond and I like being different.

Did any stories shift your perceptions of the characters?
Leading Lady. Before that I'd never have considered even reading Riker/Crusher, but resistate made such a good case that I wrote one and in doing so justified to myself how they could get together.

Most overdue story?
None, technically, but I really could have finished The Better Bad a lot closer to when I started writing it, which was just after the Spooks film came out.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?
I wrote a Last Leg one entirely in text messages (Telling Mum), the hardest part of which was the formatting. I learnt how to do fancy formatting (courtesy of people on AO3 spelling it out)

What are your fic writing goals for next year?
Write an IF fic. I have an idea, but have made my life hard by making lots of possibilities, all of which need writing out. Finish a 20,000 word Last Leg fic I started earlier this year. Try and write more long (for me) stuff - theoretically if I do it more it should get easier (even if I don't necessarily get any better at it).