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Sammy is as cute as ever.

Sammy and a cube

The good news is that he’s no longer scared of me! It used to be that he’d hide when he heard me – unless he decided to come out, in which case he was quite happy taking food with his two front feet on my hand. Now, though, if I talk to him he’ll come out and ask for food. Last night I was watching The Last Leg and he got up, so I spoke to him. He gave me a look that said “You’re talking to me but not offering me food”. So I offered him some food.

He is, generally speaking, very laid back. It takes him a while to get round to chewing up cardboard with treats in because there’s food in his bowl, so why go to the effort? Although he does go round his cage looking for the food I hide. And if it’s not the bits he’s so keen on, I sometimes find those bits when I clean him out.

He has been out of his cage once. He ran around on the sofa investigating his toys, but after a minute he decided he didn’t like it and hid down the back of the sofa cushions. Bum side up. Fortunately he was willing to use my hand to get himself the right way up and into his travel cage, so I could put him back in his cage and he could hide.

He also makes happy noises. I’ve been wondering what they were, but I would describe it as snuffling and apparently it’s actually chirping. Hamsters make those noises when they’re happy. The loudest he’s made them was when he found half a walnut in his cage.

I did have to buy him a new wheel recently. He had a wooden one which was so quiet all you could hear was his feet padding on it. Sadly, even coating it in pet-safe varnish was not enough to deal with all the wee on it, nor the poos that he’d ground into it. He’s now got a more expensive, slightly less quiet, plastic wheel. It is a lot easier to wash. But at least he runs on his wheel (unlike Missy) – he loves it.