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What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading
La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman. It’s been so long since I read His Dark Materials that I’d forgotten about daemons and how they worked, and had to look them up. Which did help me get into it. But I struggled in the second half of the book when it went really out there with the underground waterfall and fairies and other weird stuff. It was just a bit much of a stretch for me. Especially as the bits I like is that it’s set in a world like ours but different.

Although the most freaky bit was finishing it Monday night and waking up Tuesday morning to it chucking it down, when the second half of the book involved a lot of rain and a massive flood.

What I’m Currently Reading
Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. The ebook version, because the paperback isn’t out until next year, the hardback isn’t out until next week and is too heavy to read in bed. I’m not very far through but I am enjoying it. I re-read Carry On recently and I’m glad I did because now I remember the important parts.

A Jeeves and Wooster book. It’s green. I am struggling a bit with it because they are just all the same. And I looked at my sister’s bookshelf the last time I was there and saw how many there are to go.

What I’m Reading Next
I went on a bit of a book-buying spree. Having discovered there was a new Murder Most Unladylike book out, I bought that. And discovered the short books in the series are pretty cheap, so I bought the two I don’t have. And I idly looked at my bookshelves and idly wondered if there were any more books in the Hero’s Guide series by Christopher Healy and discovered there is another! So I also have that.

Not to mention some more of Mrs Beeton so I can get a bingo in LJ Book Bingo sometime this year.