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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars September wrap-up

This month I went to a murder mystery.

I really enjoyed it. It was science-based, so we got to do some forensics (although I was disappointed when I found the microscopes were fake). We saw some statements and there was some digital evidence. Then we had to work out whodunnit. Which was the hard part.

We got whodunnit right, but the people behaved in such odd ways that we thought that maybe the victim had been trying to kill the murderer. I’m still puzzling over some of the odd decisions. Although deciding to kill someone is also pretty odd.

When we left we got goody bag (like going to a child’s birthday party, only with no cake). It included whodunnit and details of all the evidence. And it does all makes sense. But still doesn’t make sense of some of the odd behaviours.

But I really enjoyed it anyway and would definitely do another one sometime. So 9/10.