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What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading
Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon. I started this ages ago, struggled with it and didn’t get far. I picked it up again recently and still struggled. I was on page 77, with a self-imposed page 100 deadline to decide if I liked it, when I put it back down. When I picked it back up again I went straight through that deadline and I enjoyed it. I think it took me a little while to remember the world and the characters and it took a while for the events in it to interest me. I can tell from the ending, and the way the cover says it’s the first book in a series, that there are sequels. But I just don’t care enough about the characters or the mystery to bother with any more.

What I’m Currently Reading
The Chalet School Returns to the Alps by Lisa Townsend. I am loving this. It’s set in the first term in Switzerland, which I remember some vague bits of, but mostly none of. It’s about Nancy Wilmot in her new teaching job, and Sue Meadows, a new student, and them trying to fit in. I’m intrigued by how they manage it, and totally relating to what they’re going through (the feelings, not the specific situations).

What I’m Reading Next
I did pick up Little Men, which I started ages ago and should finish, but then I got distracted by the Chalet School book coming through the door.