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What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading
Vicki in Venice by Lorna Hill. This arrived back in October and I was saving it, although I didn’t know what for. Then I was ill after my Covid booster, didn’t have the energy for anything that wasn’t easy to read, so I read this. Although I found even this hard to get into. I really disliked that one of the main characters in this, Jon, has been asking Vicki to marry him for years, even though she’s only 18 now. And then at the end he’s basically organised their wedding and orders her to marry him. And of course she does, because it’s that sort of book, even though she should have run a mile at that sort of behaviour.

Toksvig’s Almanac 2021. Once I set out to get it finished, I did. Although it was interesting, I have immediately forgotten pretty much all of the women in there.

Just Ignore Him by Alan Davies. I knew this was going to be hard-going. I already knew his mother died when he was young because I went to his stand-up years ago and it was in his set. And I knew when the book came out that hew as abused as a child. But it was harder going than I expected because both of those things coloured his childhood so much. It’s sad that he had to go through all of that and no one could see that his behaviour at the time meant that he needed helping.

What I’m Currently Reading
Nothing! I just literally finished Just Ignore him, then came to write this post.

Although I read the first quarter of Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. After that point I thought “Do I have to?” and then realised I didn’t. It was just slow and I didn’t care whodunnit.

What I’m Reading Next
Maybe some fiction, after all the non-fiction I’ve read. I have a Chalet School book by someone else that seems like just the thing to read next.