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New Year’s Book Resolution

I read this in separated by a common language and thought it was a great idea. To read more books than I acquire.

I have a crate of books to read and a load on my Kobo which is quite disorganised, so I’m not sure how many. I definition haven’t read some I bought in the Black Friday sale in 2020, never mind 2021. Plus my Chanukah books and then yesterday I went on the site to add something to my wishlist and discovered there was a sale. I just can’t resist 99p books. Plus I have a book voucher and some new books by authors I like that I haven’t got round to buying yet. And a lot of comedians wrote books last year and biography is pretty much all you can get in ebooks from the library.

So what I’m saying is I have a lot of reading to do to catch up. If I read more than I acquire then I’ll get through them in the end, even if only slowly, by attrition.