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I've Never Seen Star Wars - tap dancing

It's the return of I've Never Seen Star Wars. I'm still not doing it every month, but will hopefully do more than last year, where I managed it twice (and the year before when it was three times).

Back at the beginning of the first lockdown I thought I'd like to try tap dancing. There was a tap class before ballet and it looked fun. Although I thought it also looked like something I wouldn't be good at. Which is why I put it off for nearly two years.

But I came back to it this year. I found some tutorials to short, simple dances. The teacher's assumption was that you knew nothing, so you got to learn the steps as you went. So that was good - just learning steps is a bit dull. I know it's essential, but the point of learning any sort of dance is to dance.

It was hard work, but mentally, trying to remember where you're going. I always had trouble remembering sequences in ballet - when we'd do a short dance at the end of the class I'd manage the first step and the last and flail about in between. The good thing about doing tutorials online is that you can rewind and practise it as many times as you like. And change the speed.

Although I found a problem with changing the speed. Because tap dancing is all about what you're doing with your feet, you often have your weight on one part of a foot and then to have transfer it to another part or another food. Although 0.75x speed gives me more time to think, 1x speed is much easier because I'm constantly shifting your weight rather than needing to hold it.

A week and a half ago, while looking for something different I came across a video about the time step. This is the typical bit of tap dancing you often see in clips. The video was really good about teaching it and I took a screenshot of a page that was really clear about what you were doing with each foot and when. But it's a really short sequence of steps that you repeat on each side, as many times as you like. It was handy to do in a five minute break from work. I started off really slowly thinking carefully about where my weight is. It's easier to say the steps as you do them. But now I can't say them that quickly! I do still have to concentrate - as soon as I think that I'm doing it, I then find that I'm not doing it.

I will carry on with it, getting quicker. And then trying the double and triple time steps. I videoed me doing the time step earlier and since I'm too lazy to post it here, you can see it on Instagram.

I'll give it 8/10. I'm glad I tried tap dancing because now I know that it's not for me. But I will keep doing the time step.