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What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading
Coming Up for Air by Tom Daley. I was browsing through the library's ebooks and found this (the library is good for biography on ebook, but not much else). It was really interesting. Each chapter was themed, so there was one about how a camera flash at the 2012 Olympics gave him panic attacks about one of his dives, and one about his dad dying etc. It was really interesting.

Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise War by John Jackson Miller. I was ill last week and just well enough to do some reading. I wanted something that didn't require much effort, didn't have tiny text and wasn't heavy. Since I'm currently writing a Pike fic, this fit nicely. I enjoyed it again, and it turned out to be handy for my fic, so a bonus.

What I'm Currently Reading
Before & Laughter by Jimmy Carr. I say currently reading, but in fact I'm avoiding reading it and therefore not reading much at all. It's a self-help book with a few bits of his life experience. Those are interesting, the self help not so much (really not at all when you're ill). Plus I think Jimmy Carr is best in small doses. I'm halfway through and am not sure I can face the other half

What I've Definitely Abandoned
By Sight by Kay Lyons. Ages ago I was looking for books and found that Kobo has some for free. So I downloaded some. When I was ill I thought I'd give one a go. It being free turned out to be a good indication of the quality... It's a romance, goodness knows why I thought I might like it. I only needed to read a couple of chapters to know how it ends. But there was an excellent typo when someone described a wounded dog as 'viscous', which made me laugh

What I'm Reading Next
I had a library hold come in just after I took out the Tom Daley book, so I let the next person in the queue have it. So hopefully that will come in soon.