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What I am writing

What I am reading at the moment is fanfic. I had whole collections bookmarked and some fics on my marked to read later list at AO3 that I was avoiding because they’ve been on there for so long. I am finally getting through them, so I’ll have cleared the back log.

I am writing my [info]space-swap fic. When I first got my assignment I was disappointed because it didn’t include all of the many really interesting requests. But as soon as I started canon review I was excited that out of all the really interesting requests I got this one. And if I finish it, then I’m allowed to chose another to write a treat for (if I can narrow it down).

I spent a week thinking about and came up with some sort of plot in my head. Then in a few minute chunks here and there I wrote the plot in my notebook (where incidentally I found a plot for a Persuaders cake!fic set in the episode Roger Delgado is in).

And then I came to write the first draft. I worried it was too long and when I came to write it I didn’t have enough detail for it, so I shortened it. I told myself as I wrote it that it doesn’t matter, I don’t have to think about all the things I was thinking about when I finished my last fic, it just need some words even if they’re terrible.

And when I read it through I found they were really terrible. I’d leached all of the emotion out of it and the plot made no sense.

After some more thinking about it, panicking about whether I could write anything at all, and a lot of notes, I managed to write another first draft this weekend. And when I read it through it wasn’t terrible! The plot finally makes sense. It needs more details but that’s what the editing is for.

Although it’s not filling a square on my [info]genprompt-bingo card. I initially got the idea from a square on it, but even as I wrote my first first draft I realised the scene didn’t belong. So I won’t be getting another two rows with three squares filled from this fic.

But it has a title! It had a title before I’d even written anything down. That never happens.

I keep getting excited about ficathons and wanting to do them all, but I haven’t even finished this one yet. And there are other things I have started that I’d like to finish (I have a first draft of a Randall and Hopkirk cake!fic hanging around).