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What I am reading Wednesday

I took a break from my fanfic reading when a couple of library holds came in.

What I Just Finished Reading
A Class Act by Rob Beckett. This is kind of an autobiography, but told in the comparisons between working class and middle class people. He grew up working class and became middle class - and married a middle class woman. I found it really interesting. Some of the working class stuff I related to, some of the middle class stuff I related to, and some of it was just the drinking culture.

What I'm Currently Reading
41-Love by Scarlett Thomas. This is by an author I've never heard of, but has written quite a few books, has a definite fan base, but also a day job. I got this on a whim because it sounded interesting. And it is. It's about her year spent playing tennis. She'd played as a teenager, before giving it up, then tried going back to it aged 41. It's really interesting all the injuries she plays through, and the weather she plays in, and the mental things she goes through during matches - which mostly lead her to lose. You see it in professional tennis that as soon as someone thinks they're going to win, they lose. And she tends to win when she thinks she'd lost and loses when she thinks she's going to win. It's also interesting seeing the whole culture of the adult amateur tennis playing world.

What I'm Reading Next
The Galaxy and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers. It finally came out in paperback and I used my gift voucher from work to buy it. I was looking forward to it but I'm almost feeling like I can't be bothered with it. I'll be fine once I start and I'll enjoy it, but all I could think was that the first book, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, was not the same book the title suggested it would be. Also, the book smells weird.