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1. I am too tired for this clock change. My computer says it's just past 10am, my clock says it's just past 9am and my body is saying "More sleep please". On Friday more than one person at work talked to me about the project I'm on needing to be done in a month and how there's a lot to do and asking if I'm stressed. I wasn't before they asked (I was practising the head-in-sand strategy). But then I got no sleep because I was then worried about it. On the plus side, since then I've been too tired to care. Also I am new and slow and whenever I've given people the choice of 'wrong, but now' or 'right, but later' they've always picked the 'right, but later' option.

2. We have our first dance out in a month. I am not ready. No one ever feels ready for the first one, but this year it's more so given that we haven't danced out since 2019, although last summer we did do a flash mob dance at the pub which another side had invited us to. But since we weren't in kit or wearing clogs and borrowed sticks from the other side, it felt very low pressure. It will be fun and I am looking forward to wearing the clogs I bought in 2019 ready for summer 2020 and have only worn in the garden (much to the interest of next door's cat).

3. I have nearly finished my [info]space-swap fic and a treat - they're sitting around for a week so I can see the terrible bits without getting sick of reading the thing. And went back to a fic I started a few years ago. So I thought I could do [info]fandom5k since I seem to be writing long things at the moment and it has bags of time. But between [info]unconventionalcourtship and the aforementioned busy time at work coming up, I think perhaps not giving myself more things with deadlines is a good idea. I am tempted to do [info]seasonsofdrabbles because it turns out I haven't written a drabble since 2014 and obviously the pressure of writing one for someone else on a deadline is the best way to see if I still can.

4. Speaking of [info]unconventionalcourtship, I spent a few days looking at my saved summaries and trying to decide what to write. I went for (Spooks) Harry/Ruth, for which I have one summary I don't like. After a lot of refreshing the Unconventional Courtship Pairing Generator I've found one that would work - and isn't at all shippy. Which suits me fine, as I liked the stage of their relationship when you wondered if it was just the actors or whether it was actually in the script.

5. Speaking of fannish things, after two goes, I found the name of my Tumblr. And then had to go through the forgotten password thing because I have no idea what it is. After spending some time reading some Tumblrs I discovered that I really can't deal with Tumblr - due to reblogs. I get completely confused as to who is saying what. I have the same problem on Twitter, but on there you can turn off retweets (that the person retweeting them hasn't commented on). So no Tumblr for me, but I have one that I now have the password to that I could use for ficathons where you have to have a Tumblr to sign up for.