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15 characters meme: answers

First, the characters. I purposely picked 15 different fandoms. Some of them will be really obscure to some people, so I will explain who they are in my answers.

1. Josie Trent (Black Hole High)
2. Missy (Doctor Who)
3. Harry Pearce (Spooks)
4. Spock (Star Trek)
5. Villanelle (Killing Eve)
6. Lynda Day (Press Gang)
7. Sam Beckett (Quantum Leap)
8. Danny Wilde (The Persuaders)
9. Emma Peel (The Avengers)
10. Servalan (Blake’s 7)
11. Elizabeth Weir (Stargate Atlantis)
12. Josh Lyman (The West Wing)
13. John Boulton (The Bill)
14. Marty Hopkirk (Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased))
15. Flynn Carsen (The Librarians)

To the answers:

From [info]thisbluespirit:
2 (Missy) is publishing 10’s (Servalan’s) tell-all memoirs – can 3 (Harry Pearce) succeed in stopping them and what’s the secret they don’t want them printing?
This is a great combination, given that Missy and Servalan are both bad guys and Harry is a good guy who works for MI-5. Although I can’t imagine Missy is publishing Servalan’s memoirs out of the goodness of her heart. Maybe it’s because she wants to know the secrets of how Servalan subjugated so many people with no rebellion at all (at least according to Servalan). I don’t think Harry wants any of those secrets getting out, and course he’ll stop them. Harry always stops people like them. Although it’ll probably involve someone in Section D dying, if there was anyone left.

6 (Lynda Day) and 9 (Emma Peel) go on a blind date. How does it go and why is 7 (Sam Beckett) trying to sabotage it?
The only reason why Sam Beckett would be sabotaging it would be because something about their date will ruin someone’s life. Maybe he’s leaped into Spike, so it’s plausible he’d be sabotaging their date, and Ziggy is a Spike/Lynda shipper. But Emma Peel is one of the few people who could handle Lynda Day.

1 (Josie Trent) has been murdered! Why did 8 (Danny Wilde) do it, and can 12 (Josh Lyman) and their trusty sidekick 11 (Elizabeth Weir) solve the mystery in time? What kind of red herring is 4 (Spock)?
Josie is a teenager from a boarding school with a wormhole in the science teacher’s office that leads to other times. And also alternate timelines, so that’s how all these people ended up in the same time. She made a change in the past that led to her living in a universe that included just her and the school. She also accidentally made a clone of herself, who ends up in that universe instead of Josie.

Danny Wilde I’m struggling to explain in one sentence. But for the purposes of this prompt let’s just say he’s a freelance fixer. The only way that Josie’s clone can escape the universe Josie created is to kill Josie. So he’s gone to do that, but obviously isn’t just going to kill someone in cold blood, so he merely makes it look like she’s killed. Which totally tricks the multiverse.

Josh and Elizabeth are out of their depth on this one. Josh doesn’t even know time travel exists and spends the investigation arguing with Elizabeth. Spock is an observer from the future (which is Black Hole High canon – not Spock, observers in general), so he’s trying to make sure that nothing changes in the past. Which confuses the issue as he’s trying to work out what’s going on and solve it. And get everyone back to their own times. And save clone Josie by bringing her back to the future.

By the end Spock’s sorted everything out, but Danny, Josh and Elizabeth are all a bit confused about what happened.

From [info]liadtbunny:
6 (Lynda Day), 11 (Elizabeth Weir) and 15 (Flynn Carsen) are cat burglars who are out to steal the crown jewels, 8 (Danny Wilde) & 9 (Emma Peel) are the guards. How does it go?
It goes interestingly. Lynda wouldn’t make the best cat burglar, and it’s not something Elizabeth’s done a lot of either. But Flynn, as the Librarian, absolutely has. It will all work if Lynda and Elizabeth follow him and do as he says. Which, of course, they don’t.

Plus Danny and Emma as guards are ready for the likes of Flynn. This is the sort of thing they do regularly. Lynda and Elizabeth are certainly no match for their fighting skills. Then it’s two against one.

But although the guards win, Flynn uses magic to help him and his crew escape. Just leaving the problem of the crown jewels being a magical artifact that really should be in the library – but they can conclude that they’re safe where they are. If they can’t steal them, no one else will be able to.

From [info]lilalanor:
How do 5 (Villanelle) & 3 (Harry Pearce) do at piloting a space ship?
Of all the combinations… Villanelle is an assassin who has been tracked by rogue elements of MI-5. Harry works for MI-5. Although neither of them know anything about space ships, Villanelle will act like she’s totally got this under control. Harry will radio for back up. Although it won’t arrive in time for Villanelle to crash, killing Harry in the process, but leaving Villanelle without a scratch.

15 (Flynn Carsen), 13 (John Boulton) & 2 (Missy) have to travel back in time – how do they do?
Obviously this is some plan by Missy, although you’d think that the last people she’d want with her are a Librarian and a policeman.

Once they’re there she goes off to enact her nefarious plan. Flynn thinks he knows enough about the time to fit in, but actually only succeeds in sticking out like a sore thumb. Which is fine with Missy because he’s causing a distraction, so she can get on with her plan. But she hasn’t reckoned with Boulton, who gets stuck in, solves the crime and arrests her. Flynn works out how to pilot her TARDIS and hands her over to UNIT.

From [info]lurking_latinist:
3 (Harry Pearce), 8 (Danny Wilde), and 13 (John Boulton) are planning a heist. What are they stealing and why, what are their roles, and which other character on the list do they try to recruit? Does 5 (Villanelle) manage to stop them?
That is a list of good guys on the heist. Albeit good guys willing to bend the rules.

They’re stealing from some rich bad guy – at least they think he’s generic criminal with a ton of cash who’s got away with it for a long time. They’re going to steal the contents of his safe to prove he’s up to no good. Unfortunately for them he’s actually a member of The Twelve.

Harry is organising everything, including a plausible excuse should they be caught. He’s in a van outside co-ordinating the rest. Danny and Boulton are going in. They’ll know what to look for and be able to deal with anyone finding them. And by deal with I mean punch.

It has to be poor unloved Marty Hopkirk (who didn’t feature in a single prompt) that they recruit, on the basis he can spy for them without anyone knowing (Randall therefore comes along with him). Or so they think. Of course The Twelve have a ghost on their payroll, who stays hidden from Marty and tells The Twelve what’s going on. They in turn ask Villanelle to sort the burglars out.

Except that she’s not really in the mood to do their bidding. She invites Eve and they join in with Harry, Danny and Boulton to steal the secrets. Although Villanelle can’t stop herself from killing everyone else in the house and Eve doesn’t exactly stop her.

At least the good guys get their evidence and get out alive?

1 (Josie Trent) and 9 (Emma Peel) have to be fake-married to get away from 2 (Missy). Does it work?
I can’t imagine anyone being fake-married meaning they’ll get away from Missy. So she totally catches up with them. Although obviously Emma can beat her, and Josie opens up a portal to the universe of one and sends Missy through. (Obviously Missy later escapes)

1 (Josie Trent), 4 (Spock), and 11 (Elizabeth Weir) start a band. What instruments are they on, what kind of music do they play, and do they get off the ground or split up due to creative differences?
Spock is musical, Josie can’t hold a tune and I don’t know about Elizabeth’s musical abilities. Spock plays his Vulcan lyre, Josie plays the drums (not in time) and Elizabeth attempts to sing. The music they play would not be described as music by anyone. They last about five minutes before splitting up due to creative differences (Spock’s creative, the other two aren’t).