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What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading
The Galaxy and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers. I struggled with this to begin with because it was so slow. I eventually looked at the blurb on the back and realised it was introducing me to all the characters before the plot actually started. Which turned out to only be a chapter away by that point. And once the plot did start I really enjoyed it and finished it quickly. I enjoyed it overall, but I could have done without struggling through the slow start.

What I'm Currently Reading
Dead Famous by Greg Jenner. I think I bought this for £1 in Kobo's Black Friday sale in 2021. It's about celebrities of the past. It is interesting and he has some amusing asides. But what amused me was that he quoted someone in the 1930s complaining about a celebrity who was famous just because her father was rice and famous. The quote was longer than that, but it could be about any number of celebrities these days. He gave the quote and said "were you thinking of Kim Kardashian" and I wasn't because I didn't know her father was famous. I thought she was famous for having an artificially big bum. I don't think I'm really into the whole celebrity culture. But it's still really interesting to read about (long) dead famous people and what they were famous for.

What I'm Reading Next
No idea. Still working through books I've had a while and really ought to read and it'll be whatever I fancy next.