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I didn't mean to go three weeks without posting anything, but I was busy and then I was ill (labyrinthitis - at least it wasn't covid, but it's also a thing I would describe as wouldn't wish on my worst enemy).

Some thing that have happened:

1. I had a birthday - at the beginning of the month. I had the day off and went out to spend an hour with rabbits. Definitely the best thing I could do on my birthday. And I discovered a former vegan cafe nearby had a choice(!) of gluten free vegan cakes. I had a very nice, big, chocolatey slice.

2. Back in autumn 2019 I bought some new clogs because the old ones were squishing my toes and slipping on the heel. I tried these out in my garden in summer 2020, then wore them for the first time last month. And they promptly took more skin that you're imagining off my heel. So that hurt. I now have more heel padding so my new clogs now also squish my toes...

3. I'd just about recovered from that and could dance again when I got labyrinthitis. Which I'm still not 100% recovered from. But I am definitely getting better - yesterday I wanted to do something active, so I sat in the garden and pulled up weeds. I did do quite a bit of writing towards the end of the week to test how much I could use a computer and think in order to work out when to go back to work.

4. It's tennis on telly season! aka the French Open started today. Although I don't watch it on TV because I don't like the camera work, adverts or Jim Courier. Interestingly, though, on an episode of The Bill from 1984 a character mentioned getting home to watch the French Open. I had no idea it was on TV at all until recently. I have the second week of Wimbledon off, which I am looking forward to (as long as Djokovic doesn't win - or Novax as he's known in our house).