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AO3 stats meme

It turns out I haven't done this since May 2015. It's more tricky to do now because I've ticked the box to hide everyone's stats. Partly because they took away the ability to hide my stats from everyone so this one I can pretend like everyone sees the same as me. And also partly because one Yuletide I wrote the fic with the lowest hits/kudos/comments by an order of magnitude. I'm much happier not knowing that.

For the ones that existed back then, the 2015 positions are in brackets

Top 10 hits:
1. Love Me, Love Me Not (Carry On Simon Snow) - 3009
2. (1) Making Up (Make It or Break It) - 2012
3. (?) Worst Case Scenario (The Librarians) - 1263
4. Coming Out (The Non-Binary Remix) (Harry Potter) - 1249
5. Double Desolation (Doctor Who) - 1161
6. (2) The Three Sisters (Downton Abbey) - 1119
7. (?) Sirius Black, Specialising in Sexual Education (The Master Becomes the Apprentice Remix) (Harry Potter) - 1081
8. Baby, Baby (Between You and Me) (Star Trek 2009) - 1064
9. Bed of Roses (Star Trek Enterprise) - 1036
10. (?) Don't Worry, I'm Happy (Stargate Atlantis) - 927

In summary, I've written a lot in seven years, since only the top two from 2015 are still on this list. The last time I did this the top fic was getting close to 1000 hits. Since then it's more than doubled.

Top 10 kudos:
1. Love Me, Love Me Not (Carry On Simon Snow) - 342(!!!!)
2. Coming Out (The Non-Binary Remix) (Harry Potter) - 136
3. Double Desolation (Doctor Who) - 126
4. (?) And Almost Home (The Coal Hill Remix) (Doctor Who) - 91
=4. (1) Worst Case Scenario (The Librarians) - 91
6. Read, Fight, Jump (The Librarians) - 88
7. Bed of Roses (Star Trek Enterprise) - 80
8. Doctor, Doctor (Doctor, Doctor) (Doctor Who/The Librarians) - 76
9. Alien Estate (Sarah Jane Adventures) - 74
10. Teatime Stories (Star Trek) - 66

The last time I did this the top fic had 29 kudos, which I thought was a lot. And now all of the top ten have twice that and the top three are over 100. Which is mad. I don't know how that's happened. Well, I do - if you write popular pairings in popular fandoms people read them. And since I mostly like the niche stuff, there's then a big gulf in the stats between popular and niche.

Top 10 comments:
1. (1) The Phantom of the Newspaper (The Ten Stupidest Things I’ve Heard Since Richard III’s Remains Were Identified Yuletide fic) - 10
=1. Twitterati (Father Ted) - 10
=1. Teatime Stories (Star Trek) - 10
=1. Saving Christmas (The Avengers) - 10
6. (2) Memories Are Not Made of This (Press Gang) - 9
=6. Love Me, Love me Not (Carry On Simon Snow) - 9
=6. Willing to Walk Away (Galaxy Quest) - 9
Then there are six fics on 8 comments.

This list does exclude all the comments from the Yuletide import, as it skews the list (to include them and be fair, I should all include all comments from others sites, which is far too much work).

In summary, if you want comments, write for Yuletide. But it's interesting that the comments list contains mostly fics that don't appear in the hits or kudos lists.