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What I am reading Wednesday

Because I've been tracking how many books I've read and acquired this year I can see that I've read 19 so far. Which seems like a small number. I've just taken it as read that reading a book a week on average is easy. But I got out of the habit of reading (and everything else) while I was spending all my free time coding. Since then the only thing I've got back into is writing. I need to do better at the reading. (Although not listed is all the fanfic I've read and that I spend an hour a week reading The Week.)

What I Just Finished Reading
Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell. I pre-ordered this, so it was a nice surprise when it turned up. At the beginning of the book I was struggling to remember what happened in the last book and was wondering if I should re-read it. But after a couple of days of reading I couldn't remember what happened earlier in the book, so concluded there was no point in reading the previous one. Generally I enjoyed it, but the problem with the trilogy is that I think it should have stopped after the first book.

What I'm Currently Reading
The Mammoth Book of SF Wars. I bought this when we went on a book-buying trip to Hay-on-Wye. I don't remember how many years ago but it was definitely counted in years. I looked at more recently and wondered why I'd bought a book of SF wars, no matter how cheap it was, given that I'm not really into wars. But I have been enjoying it. The good thing about short stories is that if you don't like them then there'll be another one along soon. But most of them I have enjoyed, and there have been some interesting themes and not all necessarily just about battles. I only have two stories to go!

What I'm Reading Next
Something from my to read pile that's much less thick (the SF wars book is nearly 500 pages).