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Cruel Summer

I didn't mean to not post for so long, but we had Wimbledon then a heatwave, then I just about caught up on cleaning the house and I got dizzy (from cleaning and watching swimming at the Commonwealth Games), then another heatwave. Which finished on Monday, but I'm still not doing anything too much in case I get dizzy again.

I did, however, go to the Commonwealth Games. Where I sat in the sun for two hours and watched beach volleyball. England won the bronze and then Australia and Canada had such a close match that it was never possible to tell who was going to win until someone won.

I also went to a Coldplay concert. Which would have been better if it hadn't been too hot & humid to enjoy anything. And their water provision, which was a joke. You weren't allowed to take any in, then the queue was 20 minutes long to get water - not because it was a massive queue, but because there were so few water dispensers and they were so slow to dispense water. The Commonwealth Games had a better water to people ratio (where you also weren't allowed to take water in).