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What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading
[book_data title="Contacts" author="Mark Watson"]
I was browsing Kobo and this was 99p, so I thought why not. I knew nothing about it, but I do know that Mark Watson is funny. This book was not funny. It starts with a man sending a text to all his contacts saying he's going to kill himself. The book has flashbacks to his life so you can see how he got to that point, and also his family and friends trying to work out where he is so they can stop him. It was well written, but more depressing than I wanted to read at that moment.

[book_data title="Stories to Make You Smile" author="The Reading Agency"]
Kobo offered up this for free, so I though why not. I did need cheering up after reading Contacts. And this was just the thing. It was a few short stories that were just generally happy. I felt uplifted reading this.

[book_data title="Patience" author="Victoria Scott"]
I was looking around on the library ebooks website for something to read, but I didn't know what. I think I found this in a featured section. It's about a family of two parents and two adult daughters, but one of them has a disability. It's about their lives and their secrets. It was an interesting, easy read. And no surprise that the author has a sister with the same rare genetic condition as the character Patience in the book.

What I'm Currently Reading
[book_data title="The Importance of Being Interested" author="Robin Ince"]
I saw this as I was browsing the library books website and decided to try it. I'd tell you what it was about, but I can't. I am finding it a bit hard going. But then so far I've only read the introduction and half the first chapter, so I'll see if it improves.

What I'm Reading Next
[book_data title="Grace" author="Victoria Scott"]
Turns out this author has another book out. This one wasn't in the library ebooks (of course) but it was on Kobo for 99p. This is all about adoption and while it doesn't sound as interesting as the previous book, I did enjoy her writing, so hopefully I'll enjoy this book too.

[book_data title="Quantum Leap: Search and Rescue" author="Melissa Crandall"]
This is the next book The Quantum Leap Podcast are doing and I can't remember it, so I need a re-read before I can listen to the podcast (which isn't up yet).