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I am finally feeling properly better after being dizzy at the start of the Commmonwealth Games (which was at the end of July). Although this means from easily sleeping for 9 hours a night to waking up annoyingly early after about 6 or 7 hours (or 4.5 on Thursday night). I ended up falling asleep for a game and a half during the women's final on Saturday night. So I ended up only watching two sets of the men's last night and finished it off this morning. I had taken today off so I could sleep in after staying up late for the match (although it was only on Sunday that it occurred to me it could go on until 2am), so it was handy to use that time this morning (and I actually slept nearly 8 hours).

I also spent this weekend cleaning the house. I had cleaned just before I got dizzy and although I've been feeling well enough to attempt cleaning before now, I've had things going on at the weekends that I didn't want to be ill for. But now it's autumn my weekends are freer (and my evenings busier) so I had time and energy to clean. I am so happy not to be living in a disgusting house.

Since this was a free weekend and I have to clean in bits with rests in between, I did a Flash exchange ficathon! I never thought I'd do one and this one had just the weekend to write in, but it was a 100 word minimum. So I wrote 3300 words... It was fun, and it's making me feel like I can do Yuletide, Star Trek Holidays and a Doctor Who Secret Santa this autumn.

I saw the new Quantum Leap trailer on Thursday (and Friday and Saturday...) I loved it. So I am excited about it. I am hoping it will be up somewhere on Monday, since I have a day off for Lizzie's funeral, although I am expecting it will be Tuesday and I'll have to wait to see it unil after choir.