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Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere - downstairs

Recently a rabbit vlogger I follow showed all the rabbit things in her house. She turned out to have 56. So I thought I'd count up the number I had and all I can say is that 56 is amateur level (although she does have an actual rabbit). Since I took photos of everything and putting everything in one post would be really big, this is going to be a series of posts. This one is the downstairs, minus what's hanging on the walls.

Lights in a jar
1. Some lights in a jar with a rabbit on the front. It sits on a shelf with a blind Dalek I painted pink.

Hammock of cuddlies
2, 3, 4 & 5. This is my hammock of rabbits and other cuddlies. I didn't take the rabbits out to photograph them because everytime it falls down they nevr go in as well as they did before. I think there are four rabbits in here - most of the hammock is non-rabbits.

Four rabbits, a cat, a Dalek and a Beeblebear
6, 7, 8 & 9. Four rabbits, a cat, a Dalek and a Minty the Beeblebear. These sit on my (decorative) fireplace. They were sitting up once, but Merry knocked them over.

Rabbit in front of the TV
10. This used to be a keyring, but the keyring part fell out of her head. She also used to sit upright, but then I got a new TV that was lower and if she sits upright she covers the tennis score. To her right is part of one of my four tribbles.

Two small rabbits
11 & 12. These two small rabbits sit on my mantelpiece. The back one is a keyring, the front one is a wind up one.

Rabbit bunting
12. I'm not counting the birthday and other cards, which may or may not get taken down before Christmas. I am counting the rabbit bunting, which I saw in Paperchase and needed it. Before Easter is always a good time to get rabbit stuff.

Printer cover and two rabbits
13, 14 & 15. The printer cover and crochet rabbit Mum made. The other rabbit is Hutch, from Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Wererabbit.

Three rabbit cushions
16, 17 & 18. Three rabbit cushions. I chose the colour of my sofa to match the cushions.

Rabbit masks
19. Rabbit masks. Because when you need a mask, why not have rabbits?

Rabbit cable holders
20. Rabbit cable holders. I knew these crap, from the reviews, when I bought them, but they were rabbits so I bought them anyway. They are crap, hence why they no longer have cables through their ears. And why one is missing an ear.

Rabbit mug
21. I got this rabbit mug for my 18th birthday. I don't let anyone else drink from it.