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When lockdown started I wrote a list of films that I was finally going to get round to watch. I managed one and that was because it was on TV. This week I finally got through the list!

Channel 4 showed Star Wars episodes VII,VIII and IX, one a week. I'd already seen VII, but was intending to get Disney+ for the free week at some point to watch VIII and IX. And then I didn't need to. The reason I hadn't got round to them is that the only parts of Star Wars I really like are lightsabers, Lego and Ewan McGregor. I mostly just like the prequels and Jedi Apprentice books. And the Lego games. So I did find these films a bit dull. The most exciting bit was unexpected Richard E Grant!

Then I watched the latest Bond film, No Time to Die, which I knew had Hugh Dennis in it, briefly. So that was fun. I couldn't get on with Q though, because he was Adam Kay in This is Going to Hurt and I just found a bit surreal. Other than that I didn't think much of the film - nor do I think much of Daniel Craig. And it turned out you had to remember something that happened in a previous film, which I didn't. I thought all Bond films stood alone and didn't require knowledge of any other films.

Not on my lockdown list was the latest Fantastic Beasts film. I saw the first two with my sister, but this came out while things were very Covidy, so the cinema wasn't a good place to go. I was very confused at the beginning, until I read a summary of what happened in the first two films. And then I enjoyed it. Although I thought Theseus looked like a young Andy Murray, which was weird.

They were all very long films, but after that I was only the animated, shorter ones. Lego Batman and Lego Movie 2 were fun. And funny. They were pretty much what I expected after watching the Lego Movie.

Toy Story 3 & 4 were good. I really only have vague memories of the first two films, but I remember liking them. I also liked these - they were both pretty similar really, but still fun.

Now I'm all filmed out for a bit. Although tonight's Doctor Who is going to be almost as long!

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