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Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere - spare room

This room has a lot of rabbit ornaments on the bookshelves, so there are a lot of rabbits in here. I had counted up to 34 rabbits in the previous posts.

Two rabbit blankets
35 & 36. Two rabbit blankets on the spare bed. At the time I took this photo, one was being a sheet, the other was covering the holes in the crocheted blanket. Which was fine in summer when it's not that cold at night.

Two rabbit cushions
37. Two rabbit cushions (counted as one because they're the same). These act like pillows on the spare bed. Mainly because it's tilted up I don't really need a whole pillow. And a pillow without the tilt is too flat and I'll end up dizzy.

Rabbit tin
38. Rabbit tin. This was a present from a friend and is sitting decoratively on a shelf, waiting for me to spring clean and find something appropriate to keep in it.

Four rabbit ornaments
37-42. Four rabbit ornaments.

Two rabbit ornaments
43-44. Two rabbit ornaments. And a man on a horse.

Four rabbit ornaments
45-48. Four rabbit ornaments.

Five rabbit ornaments
49-53. Five rabbit ornaments

Rabbit ornaments
50-52. A set of rabbits, that I'm counting as one. A Sylvanian Family rabbit. And a rabbit filled with sand from The Isle of Wight. Each bit has a different colour, rather than layering it in stripes.

Rabbit oranament
54. Rabbit ornament. You might be thinking at this point that it's a lot of ornaments. It is and I hate dusting round them. But I couldn't get rid of any of them, so I continue to dust round them.

Three more rabbits
55-57. Three more rabbits.

Rabbit cross stitch
58. This is the room the few non-rabbit cross stitches I've done live in. Coming up are the rabbit cross stitches in the spare room.

Three rabbit cross stitches
59-61. Three rabbit cross stitches.

Four rabbit cross stitches
62-65. Four rabbit cross stitches and a Hitchhiker's themed one.