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Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere - bedroom

There are more rabbits in here than you might think. Although, going by the previous posts, maybe you're expecting many rabbits by now. Last post I was up to 65 rabbits.

Rabbit earrings
66. This is a bit blurry, but in this section of earrings is a pair of gold coloured rabbit ones. One is the front of a rabbit and the other is the back of a rabbit.

Rabbit ring
67. Staying with the jewellery theme, here's a ring with a rabbit on it.

Rabbit ring holders
68 & 69. And two rabbit ring holders.

Rabbit pot
70. This pot, with a rabbit cross stitch on the lid, holds more rings.

Rabbit hammock
71-81. This the second hammock of cuddlies I have. The one in the lounge has rabbits and other animals, but this one is entirely rabbits. Including one who has her own hammock, suspended from the hammock.

Rabbit and kitten picture
Rabbits and kitten picture
82-83. These two pictures live at the end of my bed, more or less. So when I'm ill in bed, at least I have something nice to look at.

Three rabbit cross stitches
84-86. These three rabbit cross stitches live above my bed.

Two rabbits
87-88. These two rabbits live in my bed. The one at the front has always been a bit flat, but recently I've noticed when I pick her up I can hear her eyes clink on the inside!

Rabbit pillow cover
89. This the pillow cover from a set of pillow and duvet cover.

Rabbit jumper
90. This is a lovely, warm rabbit jumper, from Rabbit of the Day on Twitter.

Rabbit t-shirts
91-92. Two rabbit t-shirts, one with swords, one where they're curling.

Rabbit lamp
93. A rabbit lamp that sits on my bedside table.

One more post to go of all my rabbit things. Will the count reach 100?