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Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere - the rest

The last post! These are the rabbits that either don't belong in the rooms I've posted so far, or I've forgotten to post - or forgotten I had when I did the relevant post. At the end of the last post the total was 93.

Rabbit tea towel
94. A rabbit tea towel. It's the sort of thing that would usually live in the kitchen, but only the tea towel I'm currently using actually lives there. Spares don't because I only have one (small) drawer, so I use it for my everyday cutlery.

Rabbit flannel
95. A rabbit on a flannel. Which makes a large part of the flannel not very useful. This is an old one now, kept in case I need something flannel sized and it doesn't matter that it's rough.

Rabbit bath towel
96. A rabbit bath towel. This does live in the bathroom, but is the only rabbit thing in the bathroom, so wasn't worth a post on its own.

Rabbit hot water bottle
97. This rabbit is microwaveable as a hot water bottle. And can also be put in the freezer as a cold water bottle.

Two rabbits outside
98 & 99. These two rabbits live outside. The small one used to have two dark eyes, but one of them is facing the sun, which has turned it glassy. Someone across the road has some similar, but bigger, dogs outside her front door, which I dislike because the previous people who lived there had a friendly cat. So I am competing, except that my rabbits are in the back garden and are rabbits.

Last year's diary
100. Last year's diary. Which I could get rid of, but it's pretty, so I haven't.

Rabbit pencil
101. A rabbit pencil.

Rabbit bookmark and rabbit ruler
102 & 103. A rabbit bookmark and a rabbit ruler.

The final total is 103 rabbits! While it's not quite twice the 57 the rabbit vlogger I follow has, it's definitely enough to make her an amateur with the rabbit things. Or would except that she has an actual rabbit.