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This year...

I had high hopes of doing things this year, but what I've mostly been doing is admin. Some dancing admin and life admin.

Like when I had two hospital appointments at the same time one in person and one on the phone. The phone one says don't go to the hospital. That at least I got sorted out, but I also have one that was texted, then cancelled by text, then emailed that it was happening. It's also straight after another appointment. The hospital thought that was crazy, but the private healthcare people they've outsourced the admin to don't see the problem. The only thing I can be sure about is that the first appointment is happening. Although I don't know why because it's for a test that was done in the summer and we already established that's got nothing to do with anything...

I also remortgaged, so my interest rates have doubled. Which sounded terrible in the summer, but had I waited until autumn they'd have tripled. But the people I've moved to randomly decided for no reason that my mortgage amount was the amount I owed in the summer, not the amount I owed when it all actually transferred this month. I found this out because they emailed me to say they were giving me free money and had explained it all. If I use that 'free money' to pay off as much as I can over the fixed rate I have, then it won't affect how quickly I can pay off the mortgage. And with interest rates higher I will earn a few pence interest from it sitting in my savings account. But it's still been a lot of extra admin.

And then I broke my glasses. Turns out in the ten years since I last needed glasses the frames have gone up 50% and the lenses 100%. With their buy one get one free offer I got a new pair and a pair of prescription sunglasses for 'only' £850. Also my spare pair don't sit right on my nose. Adjusting the screws has improved it a bit, but it's hard to do because you can make quite a big difference without seeing the screw turn. The opticians refused to touch them in case they broke.

I also set off my knee at the beginning of the year (too much bending and straightening). And then because I was trying not to bend it, managed to do something to my right side which then made it hurt to breathe for a few days.

And I discovered for the second time in the year that I've been working there that anything you leave there can be disappeared at any time. Since I have to go in once a week I don't want to have to carry everything with me every time (apart from my laptop, which is itself big and heavy).

So that's been my year so far.

I've also watched a lot of Mr Selfridge (and not a lot else), trying to get it all in to one month of an ITVX subscription (because they've found the most annoying way of showing adverts). It's more about the drama and I'm watching for the history and it's getting worse by the series. But we're now just about into the era I'm particularly interested in, so I'm keeping going.