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Still mostly admin

I still haven't got a lot done this year. There's still a lot of life admin and dancing admin going on.

I currently have new glasses which mean I can't see and my nose hurts (and my head). I am back in my old glasses because life is not supposed to be that hard. But that's still being sorted out. The hospital need to refer me to a different department. Which in reality means the doctor refers me, like it's a fresh referral, so I won't have any more hospital appointments this year. At least on that. I have a referral from last March that maybe I'll get this year? But it's also for a solution that I don't want, so I'm not in a rush for that one.

I'm still watching a lot of Mr Selfridge and not a lot else (I have a lot of other TV to catch up on when I've finished). Amusingly series 4 includes Sacha Dhawan playing a character who might be auditioning for the role of the Master.

I finally found a drama/romance within it that was interesting. It's the boss's son and a shopgirl. So you have this whole employer/employee thing going on and they're different classes and it could have been really interesting. Except then the narrative skips nine years to where they're happily married and she's not really in the story any more. But I wanted to see all the bits where they dealt with their class differences and employment-related problems.

And no one has written any fic about that. Or anything else. (Most of the fic for Mr Selfridge is about Agnes Towler and a man whose name is not Henri Leconte. It starts Henri Lec, but the tennis is on at the moment, so that's where my brain goes.) But people have noted that in real life it was even more interesting because his family never approved and he kept their relationship secret. They only got married when Mr Selfridge buggered off back to America during the war.

Although it's got me starting writing again, after a month off. It's quite freeing that no one other than me will have a clue who/what I'm writing about and probably no one will read it. So I can totally indulge myself with all the history.

Although I am also planning to sign up for [info]seasonsofdrabbles also to help me start writing a bit, and because their RSS feed has started working again.