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Merry 10th August 2020 - 20th March 2023


At 2 years and 7 months old he was a very old man. He was having trouble eating his hard food, so he was getting lots of soft foods. Which were like treats. Except it turned out he liked porridge, but not two days in a row. And he didn't like the apple and pear baby food I'd just opened.

I weighed him on the coffee table and then gave him the choice of exploring the coffee table and when he wanted to go back in his cage he could walk off the table onto my hands. The last time I weighed him I put my hands down in his cage so he could just walk off them, as always. But as he did so, he discovered some hidden food and dug it up with his back feet still on my hand.

Merry on a cork log

This photo was from two months ago in his play cage. The cork log was mainly there for him to go through. Except that he was determined to climb up it. Which he found multiple ways to do, including hauling himself up, which he was finding harder to do. Ways down were mainly jumping off.

He's always been into climbing and hauling himself up places. He had a bridge next to his house. On the house roof was his food bowl and his water. If he went up to the top of the bridge he could walk off onto the roof. What he actually did was to go halfway up and then haul himself onto the roof, which didn't always work. Sometimes he had to take the extra two steps to get up there.

I don't think he realised he was an old man. When he was tired he did act old. But when he was up in the night and was awake, he acted the same as he always did, running around the place.

The house is now very quiet without him. It feels weird not to be spending time after dinner preparing his food.