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SJA Reunion

A couple of weekends ago I went to the SJA Reunion one-day convention in Cardiff. I wasn't too sure about it, I had a bit of "who are these people, how do I know they know what they're doing" as if I know everyone in the world. But Katy Manning (Jo) was going to be... Continue reading

Distracted by sport

I might have been a bit distracted by the Olympics and not posted. And by might I mean was. And still am - since it finished I've watched the men's triathlon, diving, BMX. I still have plenty to catch up on - I should be finished by the time the Paralympics start... I have managed... Continue reading

Nine Worlds con report

Better late than never... Nine Worlds is a convention in London and this was its third year. It had, apparently, 1400 people there. Because the hotel was so spread out it never seemed like that many. But because the hotel was so spread out I rarely saw people I knew (many of whom I didn't... Continue reading


I am going to the Nine Worlds convention at the weekend. From what I've heard, I'm not sure if I'll like it or not, but the only way to find out is to go. If nothing else I'll have a year's catch up with . The thing that I liked most about it was when... Continue reading


Last weekend I went to Redemption (convention). I think I've just about recovered. It didn't help that my body hates me and won't let me sleep past 8am, no matter what time I go to bed, and I stayed up until 2am at the disco on the Saturday night and 2am at the Dead Dog... Continue reading

Been busy

I haven't posted for a while mainly due to work being really busy. It completely sapped my energy this week, although I did go on a first aid course on Thursday. Friday afternoon was suddenly quiet for a little while and I had to do someone else's work because without that to distract I realised... Continue reading


The part of my social life that isn't the ordinary things I go to every week/fortnight (ie Rotary, ballet, choir) is suddenly so complicated! I booked 17th May off work to go and see Star Trek on the basis that you can't book seats at my local cinema and I refuse to book in advance... Continue reading


This morning (once I've prised myself out from under the blanket on the sofa and got dressed) I'm off to Redemption. This is the first time since it's been in Coventry that I haven't gone there early and I'm not going to visit uni to see what they've done with the place. Because last time... Continue reading


Easter's suddenly only two weeks away, how did that happen? I am planning to go to the Eastercon hotel on Good Friday (ie two weeks from now). I'm not going to any of the con, I'm just going to meet up with people. I'm thinking of getting there around lunchtime ish, so I don't have... Continue reading