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I didn’t mean to go three weeks without posting anything, but I was busy and then I was ill (labyrinthitis – at least it wasn’t covid, but it’s also a thing I would describe as wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy). Some thing that have happened: 1. I had a birthday – at the beginning… Continue reading

My new car

… which is three years old at this point because that’s how long I’ve been meaning to write about it. Three years ago when I needed a new car, I had a Toyota Yaris. I went with a Toyota Yaris (which they’d since ‘improved’) hybrid version. Electric wasn’t an option because I can’t get it… Continue reading


I’ve sort of mentioned it before, but last autumn I did a Sleep CBT course. My sleep has been a mess for years, really. I’d wake up really early, regardless of what time I’d been to bed, so I’d end up not getting enough sleep. All the advice about things you should do before bed… Continue reading

I have a niece now

I now have a niece. I can’t meet her for a while, but that’s not a problem because I don’t find small babies that interesting. They don’t do anything. (Human) just aren’t cute. Not being able to hold her is a bonus – I met my nephew when he was two weeks old and there… Continue reading


Today is census day. Newscast talked about it a while ago saying why it was important and what it was used for, without mentioning what I would consider to be the most important thing: genealogy. This year’s will be interesting in 101 years time because so many things are different due to the coronavirus. This… Continue reading

My routine

It’s hard to know what to write when nothing much changes. Even on Zoom chats the answer to what I’ve been doing is the same as I was doing last week. But I realised I never talked about it on here. Most of my time is taken up by work (sadly). Usually I’d leave the… Continue reading


I had done some stargazing years ago, inspired by Stargazing Live. Last year I finally managed to catch the ISS going over, but generally standing outside in the freezing cold in January learning constellations wasn’t as appealing. But then I was inspired by the recent Jupiter an Saturn lining up. I went out to look… Continue reading

Cutting my hair

I hate going to hairdressers. This is why I have long hair – I only have to get it cut every six months (plus the hairdresser said that in order to get my hair looking good and suiting me while short I’d have to put stuff in it, thus negating the time-saver of having short… Continue reading

The washing machine saga

A year later, I’m finally writing about my washing machine and why it took three weeks to get it.