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The end of NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo finished yesterday! And I had enough to post that I ended up saving the summing up post for today. At the beginning of it I really thought that I was going to run out of things to post about. And then I didn't. Partly because I had some ideas of things to post about... Continue reading

The ivy

I spent lots of time last summer cutting the ivy in my back garden so there was less of it. And then at Christmas the part of the fence with no ivy on it fell down. In January it all got replaced. So I thought it was about time I posted some before and after... Continue reading

Murder Manor

Back in January, [ljuser]lost_spook[/ljuser] did the I surrender meme and she gave me: Welcome to Murder Manor, the Academy for Young Detectives! It's taken me this long to do it, but here is Murder Manor.

The tale of the dead bird

The tale begins on Saturday when I was leaving to get a taxi to the station to catch my train. On my way out I noticed a dead bird on my front garden. There wasn't time to do anything about it and it was raining (hence the taxi). There are quite a few cats around... Continue reading

What I am reading Wednesday

What I Just Finished Reading There's nothing like a long train journey for getting a lot read. I finally finished Singled Out by Virginia Nicholson. It was really interesting, talking about how before the First World War getting married and having children was considered to be what every woman aspired to, and spinsters were to... Continue reading

Blue post box

Outside the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is this postbox. It's interesting for two reasons: it's blue (they're usually red) it's from George V's reign (they're usually from Elizabeth II) A search around tells me that it's blue either because blue was for air mail (although they also had a thing on the... Continue reading


I've just been up to Manchester for two-thirds of the weekend. I got up early on Saturday to beat the bank holiday/start of half term rush, spent the morning on trains, went round Manchester in the rain in the afternoon, then spent this afternoon on trains, to return to lovely sunshine. And this morning I... Continue reading

Talk to me

Because I'm not around much of this (long) weekend, I thought I'd steal an idea from [ljuser]lost_spook[/ljuser] (although she did it for a different reason). Talk to me in the comments. Waffle on about anything at all. Doesn't matter if I don't know what you're talking about or don't care what you're talking about. Anything... Continue reading

Post-series books

Earlier this week I promised I'd talk about books set after the TV series had ended. I haven't read many of these - aside from recently reading the Stargate Atlantis ones I've read the odd Star Trek one and the odd Doctor Who: New Adventures ones. They do have some things in common: it is... Continue reading

Election time

Today is European election day. I like voting. I don't vote because we're fortunate to live in a democratic country and people died so we could vote or even so I can criticise who gets in, although they're all good reasons. I vote because I missed out on an election due to being four days... Continue reading