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I've just had the email about autumn recordings of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, which are in Croydon, Manchester and Peterbrough. But, they're recording the Christmas special (Humph in Wonderland) on Sunday 25th November in Shaftesbury Avenue. Which I can get to. Tickets go on sale 10am Monday. Anyone want to come with me?... Continue reading

Tonights TV

Since I was good and worked last night I gave myself a night off to watch non-Doctor Who TV. Which was supposed to inlude The Avengers but I finished dinner too late, so it's been moved to tomorrow night now. Probably. Anyway, there was Colin and Justin. Now, of all the people you'd not want... Continue reading

Lost Lost

I think I have officially given up on watching Lost. I got so behind with my TV last week that I still haven't got round to watching it. This was, in part, because there were other things I would rather watch, but it's reached the point now where I'm just not going to get it... Continue reading


I had a bit of a revelation today. I've been enjoying Atlantis recently and I've been trying to work out why - then it occurred to me. It's because I've been watching it on it's own and not straight after Stargate. The trouble is that I like all the characters in Stargate (except for the... Continue reading

Good and bad news

The good news: Enterprise has been renewed ( bad news: Richard Biggs has died ( I went away for 26 hours at the weekend and returned to find 198 e-mails, of which 144 were spam. I've been answering them while listening to "Six Characters in Search of an Answer" on BBC7's Listen Again. Which is... Continue reading