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Still hot

I haven't posted or commented much or done much at all the past few weeks. It's just been too hot, most of the time. Plus there was Wimbledon and then I got a bad cold afterwards. This weekend has been 'cold' (low 20sC) so I'm getting everything in now before going back to mostly just... Continue reading

Updatey thing

This time my week without updating has been due to a combination of tennis and weather. This week featured a few days with temperatures in the high 20s and one where it went up to 33C (and was humid). My house has only just cooled down. I am really lucky to have air conditioning at... Continue reading


P3090032 Originally uploaded by paranoidangel It's spring in my front garden!

Wind and work

Monday night's wind didn't do much for my back fence. Although I opened the curtains and watered the plants without noticing. It was only when I went to leave for work that I noticed the view out the back was a bit different to normal. Fortunately, it's my neighbour's fence, so I don't have to... Continue reading

The good and the bad

After working Friday evening last week (which I was expecting) I ended up working Friday evening this week (which I wasn't). Friday was just one of those days of everything going wrong, which I should have realised was going to happen when I woke up at 6am (when it was still dark) and couldn't get... Continue reading

Too hot to post

It's been too hot to do anything for the past week. Last Sunday I even struggled to read or watch anything on TV that was longer than half an hour. But today it was a nice, reasonable temperature, which has been so much more pleasant. My washing still dried, but I also cleaned the house... Continue reading