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I’ve been at home for the weekend, which has been nice, especially as I have been playing on the wireless adsl network!

Saturday I went to Winspit quarry, near Swanage for a water pistol fight, which was great fun as always. As it has been so hot for a week it was nice to get wet 🙂 It was nice to see all my friends down here as well.

The only thing about being at home is that every day is the same, as no-one is at work or school or anything. At least I only have a four-day week to go back to, and I’m busy every evening, so it won’t be long until the weekend when I can go and see some different friends.

It so much nicer being at home, because its home. Although it is a bit in the middle of nowhere (although more buses here, admittedly, its difficult for there to be fewer). Due to my burnt finger I’ve not been re-doing my website. But it will look like this page (although none of the links here work). And I’ll work out how to use this blogger thing sometime soon.