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Nothing terribly exciting

Blogger has just introduced those annoying text verification thingys on comments. I've not had any comment spam (yet) but I've turned it on anyway. I got my SG10 ticket through yesterday and it was 274. Which I thought was quite annoying because it meant I'd just missed out on the cocktail party. And then I... Continue reading


Last weekend I spent in a windmill in Somerset. I even managed to take a picture of it this time: I had a good time - catching up with people I'd not seen for a while (four years, in some cases), not sleeping, and drinking lots. I went down the pub with Rotaract last night,... Continue reading


Blogger is being really slow and annoying me, and I really need to sleep. I stayed up late to watch new Farscape and I really wished I hadn't. But not in the way I thought I would. If I'd stopped watching about twenty minutes before the end I would have been fine. I was warned... Continue reading


I meant to congratulate all the finalists in the Mithril Awards. It was cool to see so many names I knew and fics I read on the list of finalists. But it was also a bad thing. See, I use awards as a set of recs. I'll read winners in categories I might not otherwise read, and... Continue reading


I have been good - I updated my blogger template with more recs. I updated my website, which meant I got to play around with all the Craig Parker photos I took. And I added a page for music video recs. Go me! I still haven't got round to watching last Friday's Have I Got... Continue reading


New Blogger - now with added comments. And titles. And pages with just one post and the comments on. Which now means all my links have to have the whole address in, annoyingly. There are bits of it I haven't investigated yet, but it seems good so far. I did hear about it via BBC... Continue reading