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This weekend's been a good one for discovering things I like. The films I've been renting from Blockbuster recently have either been Ewan McGregor ones or really popular ones. The really popular ones I've hated and Ewan McGregor doesn't half make odd films (but I only have four of his films to go, including one... Continue reading

I read a comic shocker

At the weekend I read a comic! Well, I think it was technically a graphic novel, either way it's short and has pictures that get in the way. It was Superman: True Brit, which was a re-telling of Superman with him landing in Britain. I read something about it years ago and I remembered it... Continue reading


I read a couple of books lately that were good enough to talk about. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card I really enjoyed this, although it took me to the end to enjoy it. The rest of the time I spent hoping there was a point to it - because otherwise it was just a... Continue reading


Theoretically I was writing up the books I'd read every month. But then I spent a while putting off reading A Game of Thrones, then spent a while reading A Game of Thrones and I haven't done one since. So here's what I've read in what I can remember of December, January and so far... Continue reading

This week

I have mostly spent this week being dizzy and working. Although I have managed to get through most of my to-do list - there were things on there I could do lying down or only took five minutes of sitting up. Although this weekend I have felt well enough to move around a bit and... Continue reading

Book reviews

Since I'm not doing any kind of book-reading challenge, I don't tend to talk about what I've read. But I've recently read a few books I wanted to talk about.