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My new car

… which is three years old at this point because that’s how long I’ve been meaning to write about it. Three years ago when I needed a new car, I had a Toyota Yaris. I went with a Toyota Yaris (which they’d since ‘improved’) hybrid version. Electric wasn’t an option because I can’t get it… Continue reading


I now have my new car and I have driven it. I want to say that I like that it starts when I turn the key, except that it’s a button, not a key, and because it’s a hybrid when I press the button it’s silent. It starts up the petrol engine when it needs… Continue reading


I have solved all my car problems (and I realised I have four things about it that aren’t quite right) by buying a new car. It’s the same as my old car, only newer and a model up. And still red, of course (I have found that it’s not just me who finds having a… Continue reading

The wing mirror cover saga

I purposely didn’t post for a week and after last weekend I spent it feeling that I was missing something. Having resolved the saga with my car’s wing mirror cover, I thought I’d post yet another example of bad customer service here. The passenger side wing mirror cover dropped off my car, due to too… Continue reading

More fun with the car

Although this is with the dealership this time. I had to take it in because it was being recalled – the driver’s side mirror switch could become sticky, and if you clean it it could melt. Apparently this has happened to someone in Europe, but none of the cars they’d checked at my local dealership… Continue reading

An expensive lesson

On Monday evening when I came back from the shops I turned on the inside light in my car so I could see to take the CD out. I thought to myself, “I must remember to turn the light off”. Then, when I was shutting the garage door I thought I could see a light… Continue reading

The saga of my tax disc holder

My car came with a tax disc and a round thing stuck to the dashboard, which it sat in. Which I only took any notice of once, when I had to change the tax disc. It did look like it was starting to come off the windscreen, and I thought I should probably do something… Continue reading