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Imzy and writing

Imzy is suddenly the new big fad. I have an account there that means I have a shitload of invites, should there be anyone left in the universe who doesn't have an account, but wants one. It's created by a former Reddit person to be the anti-Reddit (ie nice). It's a bit like LJ and... Continue reading

Mostly fic things

[ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm] is all over for this year. There were only three stories in the end, but the three people that finished seemed to have enjoying writing them, which is what matters. Next year I might just not bother with sign ups for people wanting to write remixes and people can write or not write. Less... Continue reading

Ficathon season

It must be autumn... Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix are open in [ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm], [ljcomm]sga-secretsanta[/ljcomm] has sign ups open and Yuletide has started discussing nominations. I haven't written anything since Remix, so being forced to do it will get me back into the habit. The trouble I have at the moment is... Continue reading

Doctor Who Remix for 2015

I've just opened sign ups for people willing to have their stories remixed for [ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm] for this year's round. (sign ups for people wanting to write a remix open in a week and two days) I am excited about doing it all again - partly because I haven't written anything all summer (in fact, I... Continue reading

Been busy

I haven't posted for a while mainly due to work being really busy. It completely sapped my energy this week, although I did go on a first aid course on Thursday. Friday afternoon was suddenly quiet for a little while and I had to do someone else's work because without that to distract I realised... Continue reading


Sign ups are open on [ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm]! Come and write a remix, you know you want to (you only need to write 500 words). The post looks like it's empty, but people have signed up - it's just screened so people can give their email addresses. For Yuletide I think the three fandoms I'm going to... Continue reading


This year's round of [ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm] has officially started, with sign ups for people willing to have their fics remixed. Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix open next week. And today I signed up for Small Fandoms Big Bang. I now have until the end of January to write Lynda Day at the... Continue reading

I wrote fic (that no one will read)

In another chapter of I write a fic in a fandom of one*, I wrote a Wizards vs Aliens fic: The First Night Again, set after The Last Day (last story of series 1) and will not make any sense without having seen series 1. This comes after having re-watched both series recently when I... Continue reading

Long weekend

I was just going to do a catch-up on the past couple of weeks (summary: really busy at work, plus Worldcon, but I am feeling better at least) but couldn't muster up the energy, so I won't. I'll summarise this weekend instead: Gardening. I have filled up the garden waste bin and another six bin... Continue reading

DW Remix

[ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm] went live tonight. With terrible timing as I don't think I'll get all the stories read this evening and I'm off to London to the tennis tomorrow. And [ljuser]hhertzof[/ljuser] is at a con, which meant that I had to do the AO3 button pressing myself (it worked, after a scary minute when I thought... Continue reading