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What I've been up to

I am doing better. Although my lounge still looks big and empty with the spaces where Missy's cage and toys were. And my evenings seem so long now they've not interrupted. I decided I didn't need to do anything unless I had to. So possibly the most productive thing I've done is to watch all... Continue reading

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Yesterday I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It's expensive, but we got our money's worth, given that we took four hours to get round it all (they estimate it takes three). Although if we'd stopped and watched every video and looked at all the pictures on the audio guide we probably could have... Continue reading

This week

This week I have been acting as if I'm not ill. So now I am regretting it. There went my weekend of actually getting things done. But on Tuesday I went to see Harry Potter. It was good and I was very glad I hadn't read the book since it came out because I remembered... Continue reading


It's been a bit of a dramatic week this week. First my landlord delivered my new washing machine last Saturday. Except when I did some washing when it spun it made loud noises and moved around - so much so that it came out from under the side and the pipe taking waste water away... Continue reading


I've just discovered that the post I wrote when I finished reading Harry Potter on Saturday ended up just as a draft for some reason. I'm sure I pressed the publish button and it did its thing though. Edit: Whoops, went to change the published date and deleted it! All I can remember it saying... Continue reading

Harry Potter

I went to the Harry Potter launch last night. Waterstones didn't seem to want to let people in and Blackwells didn't start till 11pm. Borders is usually open till late anyway, so I went there. It was really busy. There were things going on but I don't know what because there were too many people... Continue reading


It's nice being home. Although the cat draped himself over my lap this morning, making my nighty muddy and putting holes in it (and my leg). And dribbled on it. Now he's using my right leg as a pillow, so my computer is balanced mostly on my left leg. My legs are warm. My feet... Continue reading