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All change

This week has not been what I expected at all. First, I'm now going to Rock Choir this term. This is because ballet was cancelled for the term (long story), so I thought I'd replace it with Rock Choir. Whether I carry on after this term depends on what happens with choir, because I'd like... Continue reading

Not Prime Time

I'm so behind on everything I should be doing. I meant to get some stuff done this week and didn't. And then thought I'd get it done around the tennis, but there one of Friday's matches was on Saturday and now it's too hot to do anything. I do at least have a clean house... Continue reading

Dear Not Prime Time writer

Dear Not Prime Time writer, Thank you for writing a story for me. The optional details are optional. I've just tried to give you some ideas of what I might like to see, but if none of them are your thing feel free to disregard them. They are just ideas for people who find it... Continue reading

What I wrote

Despite not signing up for Not Prime Time, I wrote a fic as I found a request that looked interesting. This fic in fact: Friday Night Jealousy (1427 words) Fandom: Doctor Who Relationships: Ian Chesterton/Barbara Wright Characters: Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright Summary: Despite the gossip, Ian and Barbara are just friends. I wrote this two... Continue reading

What I'm not writing

I was all excited about Not Prime Time, which is a ficathon for fandoms too big for Yuletide, but not really massive. That was, until after I signed up, when I realised there wasn't anything I wanted that much. Well, there was one, but you can't ask for three fandoms in the hopes of getting... Continue reading


It feels like ficathon time of year all of a sudden. I saw my Yuletide assignment when I woke up yesterday. I matched on two of the fandoms, so it's even harder to decide what to write. But since I've spent the weekend recovering from Harry Potter on Friday (and I have some other things... Continue reading

Not Prime Time fic

Now that the authors have been revealed in Not Prime Time I have posted what I wrote to my website and I can reveal that it is a Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry adventure: Votes for Women. Just before sign-ups on this I was thinking to myself that I'd love a Fourth Doctor, Sarah and... Continue reading

Dear Not Prime Time Writer

I am totally counting this for today's NaBloPoMo entry. Aside from the prompts it is a copy of my last Dear Yuletide Writer letter and is for Not Prime Time ([ljcomm]npt-admin[/ljcomm]) which is a Yuletide-like ficathon for fandoms too big for Yuletide, but not massive. Dear Not Prime Time Writer, Thank you for writing a... Continue reading