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I watched Strictly at the weekend. Well, judging by how long it took me to get through the episode, I actually watched less than a third of it. I can’t watch all the celebrities, the same way you get to know the comedians on Taskmaster. But I’m permanently behind on TV and can’t watch that… Continue reading

The Avengers and The Guild

Game of Thrones started again last week and I still haven’t seen the last series. But instead I’ve been watching two old things with ‘The’ in the title. The Avengers I went to my parents last weekend and Dad mentioned The Avengers is on weekdays. So we watched a couple of Steed & Peel episodes…. Continue reading

More things

I didn’t mean to go a week between posts, but I’ve had the lurgy. Still got it, really, but at least some of the symptoms have gone. I was off work with it, which meant I had lots of time to watch stuff and read books and then discovered I didn’t have enough energy for… Continue reading

Real life

A break from fandom snowflake stuff for some real life TM. Mainly because I came over dizzy last night for no reason. I’m not that bad – I made it into work and worked all day – but can’t be doing with too much thinking. It’s really frustrating because I was doing really well after… Continue reading

Me update

The thing with being dizzy is that when you’re really bad, lying down and doing very little makes you better. But after a while you have to remind your brain that actually it’s not normal for the room to be spinning and lying down and not doing much doesn’t help with that. So this weekend… Continue reading

TV and internet

Exciting news: Red Dwarf is getting a new series! Despite Back to Earth not living up to series I-VI I’m excited anyway. I spent last weekend updating all my Firefoxes to 3.5. My laptop and Firefox Portable were on v3 already, so it was just a case of clicking the button and updating a couple… Continue reading


Today, or yesterday depending on how you count it, I’ve been ill for seven months. Things I have been doing: Watched Generation Kill, which turned out to be surprisingly good. After seven episodes I can name seven characters, which is pretty good going (Ray, Trombley, Reporter, Brad, LT, Captain America (who I recognise from somewhere… Continue reading