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Star Trek (2009)

I don’t know how I blinked and ten years has gone by since the 2009 Star Trek film. I was tired the other day, and there’s been talk of it, due to it being the tenth anniversary, so I watched it. And then remembered exactly what I thought of it when I saw it for… Continue reading

The Menagerie

No Discovery spoilers this time. I rewatched the Menagerie and realised it’s really just a tale of friendships – of Spock and Pike and Spock and Kirk. Spock plans to take Pike to Talos IV. He has it all worked out with the Talosians to take over the Enterprise and distract Kirk long enough to… Continue reading

Star Trek (again)

I must have coped back before LJ improved the subject lines in their notifications, but now I’m getting more from DW than LJ, I’m completely confused by which entry “Reply to your entry” is actually referring to and then lose track of which I’ve replied to (or need to reply to). So for now I… Continue reading

Star Trek

Re-watching bits of ST:TNG for my Het Swap fic got me all interested in Star Trek again. To the point where I now own all of it on DVD except the Animated Series and Voyager. The only reason I don’t own the Animated Series is because it’s expensive (ie over £10). I’ve only seen it… Continue reading

Distracted by sport

I might have been a bit distracted by the Olympics and not posted. And by might I mean was. And still am – since it finished I’ve watched the men’s triathlon, diving, BMX. I still have plenty to catch up on – I should be finished by the time the Paralympics start… I have managed… Continue reading

Too hot to do anything

I looked at the weather forecast for the beginning of this week and decided I wasn’t doing anything. So I didn’t. It was too hot too. And definitely too hot to be turning computers on. So I haven’t Things have improved now, though. It comes to something when I get excited about being able to… Continue reading

Ficathon season

It must be autumn… Sign ups for people wanting to write a remix are open in [ljcomm]dw_remix[/ljcomm], [ljcomm]sga-secretsanta[/ljcomm] has sign ups open and Yuletide has started discussing nominations. I haven’t written anything since Remix, so being forced to do it will get me back into the habit. The trouble I have at the moment is… Continue reading

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship

At uni I read quite a lot of Star Trek books (mostly Next Gen, I think, and some original series – there weren’t any others at the time). They have varying levels of crapness, frankly. But they were all free, so I read them. Since then I have, unsurprisingly, not bought any, apart from the… Continue reading